Wedding Favours

Wedding Favor:
Some couples might not give enough care and attention to their wedding favors. This is quite sad and unfortunate at the same time because a wedding favor is that important part of your wedding which your guests will be allowed to take home as a memory and as a reminder of your special occasion.
If you are about to get married, than it is more than likely that you already know how crucial coming up with a wedding favor is as a part of planning for your wedding. You might be wondering, why is there an actual need to give out wedding favors? What is exactly the history behind it? Is it really important to spend time and money on sending your guests with a special gift? You might believe me or not, there is a quite long history behind the tradition of wedding favors. Without any doubt, it is a remarkable idea to give your guests a nice present as an appreciation for being part of your special journey.
History behind Wedding Favors:
Wedding favors have now been around for hundreds of years! What is more interesting is that centuries ago aristocrats in Italy and France would provide always provide the guests of their wedding with a small gift for them to take home. It was callled a bonbonniere. Typically, it was a small box which was made out of precious stones including crystal, porcelain and metal. This box contained delicious treats of different types made out of sugar which the guests could take home and enjoy it.
Because weddings were seen as a lucky time, the bride and the groom felt that passing of such wedding favors was equivalent to passing on good luck to their guests at the wedding in the form of a bonbonniere. Majority of the time, the small boxes would mostly contain five almonds or candies, which were a sign of fertility, longevity, happiness and wealth.
What is the importance of wedding favors in today's world?
In today's world, it is considered to be a wonderful gesture to send the guests of the wedding home with a present, in the form of wedding favors. Infact, it is actually thought to be bad manners if you do not provide your guests with any sort of wedding favor. These wedding favors for guests are a sort of tokens of appreciation for being part of the couple's special occasion. They also serve as a memory from the wedding aswell. Most of the couples need to be sure that their guests do remember their special day, and this is where the importance of wedding favors could be judged as they serve as not only a token of appreciation, but also as a souvenir.
Selecting your wedding favors:
When it comes to selecting your wedding favor for the wedding, there are a variety of options which you could chose from. You could go with ethnic favors, traditional favors, themed favors or even homemade favors. All you need to realize is that the guests would appreciate anything that they receive, as it is considered to be a nice gesture. uk personalised wedding favors
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